IBM Flash/Tape: The Best of Both

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Best performance. Lowest TCO.

Data keeps growing. IT budgets aren’t budging. All-Flash storage is costly to buy and maintain. You need a more dynamic storage solution.

IBM Flash/Tape combines ~10–20% FlashSystem with ~80–90% IBM Tape in one self-optimising SDS pool, with incredible performance and cost efficiencies. Your users won’t know it’s Tape, but you’ll notice over 50% savings over 10 years.

Ready for the zettabyte era

Conventional wisdom says Tape is dead. Yet only Tape offers the capacity, scalability and cost-efficiency to keep up in the coming era of zettabytes of data storage.

Flash Drives IBM Tape Cartridges
Max capacity 15.3 TB 40 TB by 2020
Lifespan 3–5 years 60+ years
Cost per GB £0.40 Sub-pennies

As part of a Flash/Tape solution, IBM Tape offers all these advantages as well as Flash-like I/O performance and availability.

Don't just take our word for it, read the IBM White Paper — Tape Goes High Speed

You won’t know it’s Tape!

IBM Flash/Tape solutions combine proven storage technologies to deliver the I/O performance of Flash, with the economics and scalability of Tape.

Flash/Tape is made up of:

Store for maximum performance

~10–20% IBM FlashSystem for industry-leading performance, MicroLatency, macro efficiency and enterprise reliability.

Store for lowest cost

~80–90% IBM Tape Solution with award-winning LTFS technology for best data streaming performance. Capacities of ~40TB per cartridge by 2020.


IBM Spectrum Software pools all your files on one seamless, software-defined infrastructure. ‘Cold’ files are automatically moved to Tape.

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Flash Tape

The lowest storage TCO

Typically, 70% of data is created and never read again. Flash/Tape automatically moves ‘cold’ data to Tape while keeping it available in your file system.

You save with:

Lower hardware costs — Flash/Tape solutions cost 75% less to deploy.

Lower energy and space costs — Flash/Tape solutions require 75% less power and cooling, and a 75% smaller footprint.

Lower maintenance costs — Flash drives need to be refreshed every 4-5 years. Tape cartridges can last over 60 years.

You could reduce your storage TCO by more than 50% over 10 years, while still enjoying Flash-like performance.

Not convinced? Read the Gartner Report

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